School Policies

We believe that all of our policies reflect the ethos of Wren’s Nest and we regularly review, consult and update our policies with staff, governors and parents. Your opinions matter to us! If you would like to comment upon any of our policies, please contact us on 01384 818515 or call into see us. Thank you

For links to our policies in PDF format, please see below:-

Aims of our school

Accessibility audit 2021

Accessibility plan 2021-2024

Admissions policy September 2021 and Primary Admissions Guidance

Dudley MBC Primary Admissions webpage

Dudley MBC Secondary Admissions webpage

Antibullying policy 2021

Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy

Attendance policy 2021-22
      Attendance Addendum – Covid-19 – September 2020

Behaviour policy 2021
     Additions to Child Behaviour Policy – COVID 19 – May 2020

Behaviour Principles statement 2021

Bereavement policy 2021

Charging and Remissions policy 2018-2019

Child Protection policy September 2021
      Addendum to Child Protection policy – Covid-19 – April 2020
      Addendum to Child Protection policy – Covid-19 – January 2021
      Addendum to Child Protection policy – Covid 19 – March 2021

Children Looked After policy 2021

Collective Worship policy 2021

Complaints Procedure 2019

Curriculum policy 2020

Early Years Foundation Stage policy 2021

Food policy

GDPR policies:

Data Protection policy
Data Retention policy
Freedom of Information policy
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
Information and Cyber Security policy
Data Protection Impact Assessment (RM Integris)
Privacy Notice 2020-2021 Pupils
Privacy Notice 2020-2021 Governors and Volunteers
Privacy Notice 2020-2021 Recruitment
Privacy Notice 2020-2021 School Workforce

Intimate Care policy 2021

Learning to Read policy 2021

Literacy and Language policy 2021

Marking policy 2021

Mathematics policy September 2021

Mathematics – Times Tables policy September 2021

Medical Needs policy September 2021

Parent Partnership policy 2021

PSHE policy

Relationship and Sex Education policy 2021
Sex Education statement 2021

Restraint policy 2021

SEND Policy 2021-2022

Single Equality policy, objectives and action plan 2021-2024

Smoke Free policy

Whistleblowing policy 2021