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The children at Wren’s Nest enjoy representing their school in numerous sporting events. They work hard to achieve their best and thoroughly enjoy taking part as well as contributing towards our Gold Sports Award.

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January Fitness Challenge

Football at the Wolves

On 24th March, our football team were fortunate enough to be invited to take part in the Premier League Primary Stars at the Wolverhampton Wanderers Training Ground

Cricket Competition

On Tuesday 23rd May, Wren’s Nest’s Cricket team went to Stourbridge Cricket Club to take part in the . After a hugely successful morning, winning 2 games and losing the third by a single run, the boys were in the top pool for the afternoon’s games. Unfortunately, these proved to be a massive step-up and, despite two heroic performances and quite close results, we lost both of the afternoon matches.

Overall, the boys did a marvellous job and finished a deserved 8th out of the 17 teams taking part. Well done, boys – you did a sterling job!

Boccia Competition

The children attended the Boccia competition on Thursday 24th November.  They were fantastic, sailing through their group having beaten Sutton, Kingswinford and Brockmoor and reaching the semi-finals.  

We are very proud of them – they were a credit to Wren’s Nest.

Cross Country Competition

186 boys and 186 girls took part in the tricky 2-mile run at Summerhill School. Wren’s Nest did amazingly well and, with a total points score of over 1800, finished 5th overall in Dudley out of 33 schools. Well done everyone who took part!

Girls’ Football Competition

The girls’ football team took part in the North Dudley round of Barclays Girls’ Football School Partnership competition on 6th February.

The played brilliantly and qualified second for the finals. Well done, girls!

Wren’s Nest v BramfordWON: 3 – 0
Wren’s Nest v Queen VictoriaWON: 3 – 1
Wren’s Nest v Cotwall EndDREW: 1 – 1
Wren’s Nest v PrioryLOST: 1 – 4
Wren’s Nest v Christ ChurchWON: 8 – 0

The girl’s football team went to the finals of the Barclays Girls’ Football School Partnership competition on 8th March. Despite freezing weather, the girls played amazingly and came an incredible second in the whole borough – missing out on winning only on goal difference.

A phenomenal performance, girls. Well done!

Indoor Athletics – First Round

Indoor Athletics – Black Country Games

Rugby Competition

Cricket Club

Halloween Workout

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World Book Day Workout



On Friday 10th June, a group of Year 5 and 6 girls travelled to Halesowen Cricket Club to take part in the Dudley Dynamos Cricket Competition. Despite minimal training ahead of the event, the team excelled themselves beating two opposing sides and only narrowly losing to the other two teams. A fantastic performance from everyone, well done!

Cross Country

On Thursday 17th February, some of our best long-distance runners from Year 5 and Year 6 went to Summerhill School in Kingswinford to compete in the Cross Country competition. They all did fantastically well and gave a strong team performance. A special mention for Talyse, however, who finished 7th in her race out of over 160 runners. Well done everyone!

Indoor Athletics

It was a fantastic result for our Upper Key Stage 2 Athletics team this week as they finished first at the North Dudley Sportshall Indoor Athletics competition. They will now be entered into the Black Country Games in the Summer term, where they will be competing against the best schools in the Black Country. 

Well done to them all!

Worcestershire County Cricket Club

We were very lucky this week to be joined by a coach from Worcestershire CCC to run a PE lesson for Year 5. Take a look at our photos below

See what the children thought about our session:

On Friday we had a very special P.E lesson with Dan, from Worcestershire Cricket Club.

I thought it was an excellent P.E session. I had a great time. He spoke clearly and he wasn’t strict at all. He showed us a new style on how to bowl and we used the bowling style to hit the stumps. The way you held the ball was in a claw form and swung it like you are playing a guitar. – Ayomide, Year 5

On Friday we had a special P.E. lesson with Dan, from Worcestershire Cricket Club.

I thought that the cricket P.E. lesson was amazing! Before the lesson, I did not know anything about cricket, but after P.E, I now know a lot more than I did before. Dan himself is a really kind and a very funny man because he compared the bowling with an electric guitar. He also speaks very clearly do I understood everything he was explaining. My favourite part of the lesson was the batting because it was fun to learn how to hold the bat. Just to learn more about cricket, I would suggest a longer P.E. lesson. – Nicole, Year 5

On Friday 5th November we had an exciting P.E lesson because an expert cricket coach called Dan came to teach Year 5 about cricket. This was very new to everyone, so a different kind of subject in P.E was fun. We started the lesson with a warm up called inside outside swaps, which I thought was fun, because we got to throw and catch little balls. After we finished the warm up we played a game called overarm bowling and tried to hit the wickets with the ball keeping a straight arm. I got 200 points because I hit the middle wicket twice. After that, we played an actual game of cricket, first he taught us how to hold the bat and grip it nicely then we could bat the ball to the targets, which were worth different amounts of points. I would love to have him come in again and have a longer lesson with him. BEST P.E LESSON EVER! – Cameron, Year 5

On Friday we had a special P.E lesson with Dan, from Worcesterhire Cricket Club.

I thought it was an amazing lesson! Dan’s instructions were very clear, he spoke very fluently during the session and it was not hard to understand him. Dan showed us a different technique, he explained how to throw the ball and make it easier so we can hit the pink stumps. The middle stump was worth 200 points. My absolute favourite part of the lesson was the fielding, because we had to catch the ball and run to Dan before the person who had the bat got to the end of the line. – Ashleigh, Year 5

On Friday we had a special P.E lesson with Dan , from Worcestershire Cricket club. I thought it was fantastic, because Dan was very nice and funny as he was telling us to act like a rockstar while throwing the ball at the wickets like they did in the olden days . In the P.E lesson I liked bowling, it was really fun because I learnt a new skill and technique on how to throw the ball properly. Before this P.E lesson I didn’t know a thing about cricket but by the end of the lesson I had learnt a lot. During the P.E lesson I thought the time was going really fast so I can’t wait to learn more about cricket. – Chloe, Year 5

On Friday we had a special P.E lesson with Dan from Worcestershire cricket club.

I thought it was an amazing P.E lesson because Dan is a nice man and also funny. The best part about the P.E lesson was the throwing because you throw the ball in a different style, the P.E lesson was amazing – Lewis, Year 5

On Friday we had a special P.E lesson with Dan, from Worcestershire Cricket Club.

I thought it was very enjoyable because we learnt different ways to throw the ball. My favourite one was when it looked like we were playing a guitar and also when we had to throw the ball I got 300 points for my team.

Dan was very funny and easy to understand because he told us how to play cricket very clearly. Also before I didn’t know how to play cricket but after I did. My favourite thing we did was when I got to bat the ball because I could hit the ball very high and far.

In the lesson Dan taught us how to hold and grip the ball. First you need two fingers on the two lines on the ball and your thumb on the bottom of the ball, it kind of looked like a dinosaur claw, next time I wish we had a longer lesson. Overall I loved the lesson. – Maisie, Year 5

I thought it was an amazing lesson. It was easy to understand and really engaging. But before I get a head of myself I need to talk about Dan, Dan was a great P.E teacher he was a really good at explaining so I could understand everything he said. Before that lesson I had no experience playing this game but with Dan’s slow explanation I could learn a lot about the game only in lesson. – Ndala, Year 5

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