School Aims and Ethos

“Unlock potential and reach for the stars!”

Our aims at Wren’s Nest Primary School
We aim to provide an excellent education for all our children so they
reach the highest academic standards possible and make excellent
progress throughout their primary education.

We want each child to develop self-respect and to respect the
opinions, feelings and possessions of others.

Children and staff will be fully encouraged to develop an active
interest and motivation in their own learning.

All children and staff will have an equal opportunity to learn.

Our school will be a safe, secure and inspiring place that children and
staff value and underpins our value of education.

We aim to create a happy, open and welcoming environment for the
whole community of Wren’s Nest Primary School.

We will encourage the involvement of parents in school life, to further
their child’s education and their own.

We aim for Wren’s Nest Primary School to be an active community
school, which has a positive partnership with all who live in the locality.

We believe that these aims will enable the potential of
each child to be developed, both academically and
personally and that each pupil will have high levels of
self-belief and aspiration.