School Aims and Ethos

We aim to provide an excellent education for all our children so they reach the highest academic standards possible and make excellent progress throughout their primary education.

We want each child to develop self-respect and to respect the opinions, feelings and possessions of others.

We want children to develop respect and tolerance for others within the community that they live and the wider world.

Children will develop an active interest and motivation in their own learning.

Our school will be a safe, secure and inspiring place that children and staff value and underpins our value of education.

We aim to create a happy, open and welcoming environment for the whole community of Wren’s Nest Primary School and have a positive relationship with all who live in the locality.

We will encourage the involvement of parents in school life, to further their child’s education and their own.   Wren’s Nest school is a community of learning for all ages.

At Wren’s Nest we want our children to love their learning and grow into capable, young people who have an excellent set of academic and social skills, giving them sufficient knowledge and competences for future learning and employment.