Magic Mathematicians!

Hi All,
Please follow this link below to take you into some fabulous Numeracy activities! 

It is important we share videos with you at this time you are not in school, but Wren’s Nest Primary School cannot be responsible for other content that may be on YouTube.  Please be aware of this when watching and please practise online safety measures and parental controls.  Thank you, Mrs. Parkes.

Answers to Mrs. Flavell’s 10 second mental maths challenge

Hi there, Here are the answers to last week’s 10 second mental maths challenge – how many correct answers did you get? Mrs. Flavell

Mental Maths Challenge answers

Mrs. Flavell’s 10 second mental maths challenge

Hi there, I thought I would share with you my 10 second mental maths challenge – you only have 10 seconds to calculate each answer.  Enjoy, Mrs. Flavell.

Mental maths challenge

National Numeracy Day

Hi there, Today it’s National Numeracy Day so I thought I would set you all a maths challenge. Hope you enjoy it, Mr. Snape

Maths Challenge

White Rose Maths Home Learning

There are lots of things to do and learn on the White Rose Home Learning website, supported by animated videos. I really like it.

White Rose Maths Home Learning

This website is divided into year groups – e.g. Year 1 or Year 5 etc – to enable access to appropriate activities a little easier whilst you are at home.

HAVE FUN!    Mrs. Parkes x

Hi All,

Mr. Allport has also shared a Number Facts Revision PowerPoint presentation especially for KS2 children.  It contains over 20 pages of maths revision.  Click from slide to slide to test your skills!  Mrs. Parkes

Number Facts Revision PowerPoint KS2

Hi All,

Please find an attached link to a range of numeracy activities and songs for your child.  It is free to sign up to.  Have fun with Number Fun!  Enjoy!

Mr. Snape x

Parent Number Fun Portal

Hi Everyone,

Please see the link below that has a great selection of Maths activities that are age specific (by year group) to your child.  There are videos to support your child’s learning alongside the activities.  Take care!  Mrs Parkes x