School days during lock-down

Hi there, we thought you would enjoy sharing some of the activities that have been going on in school during the lock-down.  Mrs. Parkes x

It is important we share videos with you at this time you are not in school, but Wren’s Nest Primary School cannot be responsible for other content that may be on YouTube.  Please be aware of this when watching and please practise online safety measures and parental controls.  Thank you, Mrs. Parkes.

Science Activities

Recently, the children in school enjoyed taking part in a few Science activities such as making tie-dye t-shirts and creating volcanoes. Check out the video to see the results! Mrs. Parkes

Netball Dancing

Our children had great fun creating these amazing netball dancing sequences with Miss Dunn.


Last week, our children in school had great fun creating these amazing cheerleading sequences. Perhaps you could try them at home! Mrs. Parkes

Year 6 South American Carnival Costumes

Last week, Year 6 children really enjoyed designing South American carnival costumes linked to their Geography topic. The results were amazing! Mrs. Parkes

Hi All,

Last week Year 6 children and teachers also had a go at three viral TikTok dances. This was just one of the many fun activities taking place at school! Mrs. Parkes

Hedgehog Houses!

Hi All,

This wonderful hedgehog house has been made at school by some of the children in Years 5 and 6.  They have worked really hard .  Look how beautiful friendship and teamwork can be!  Mrs. Parkes x

Natural Art

Earlier this week, the weather was so beautiful that Miss Dunn and the children worked outdoors and created some stunning natural art – we hope you like it!

A beautiful friendship blanket!

Hi All,

This friendship blanket has been made by some of the children in Year 6 with the help of Mrs. Steventon.  They have worked really hard crocheting squares and Mrs. Steventon has sewn it together.  Look how beautiful friendship and teamwork can be!

Well done to everyone!  Mrs. Parkes x

Thank you … NHS and our Key Workers!

This week we have erected a personalised banner for Wren’s Nest to say thank you to all on the front line of Covid19.  I have included a couple of photographs just so you  can be as proud as I am.  Mrs. Parkes x

Our NHS banner

Our celebrations during the 75th anniversary of VE Day

We wanted to share this very special video of Wren’s Nest staff and children celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. We had a great time commemorating this important day and remembering those brave people who made personal sacrifices to make our lives safer.

Paper Rollercoasters!

Last week, Mrs. Bastable and the children were making paper rollercoasters – it was great fun!

We’re also creating a beautiful display in our school entrance showcasing children’s artwork.
Paper Rollercoasters