Workout Challenges

Hi All,

You may be interested in trying our workout challenges created by Mrs. Abbiss and Mrs. Donaghue.

It is important we share teacher videos with you at this time you are not in school, but Wren’s Nest Primary School cannot be responsible for other content that may be on YouTube.  Please be aware of this when watching and please practise online safety measures and parental controls.  Many thanks.  Mrs.Parkes.

Workout Wednesday returns!

Hi All, We are so pleased to share the first Workout Wednesday video this year – assisted by Year 6 pupils! We hope you have fun completing the repetitions. Best wishes, Mrs. Abbiss and Mrs. Donaghue

Workout Wednesday Returns!

Summer Holiday Sports Activities

Workout Wednesday is here again! This week we thought you may like a few suggestions for sports activities that you could complete over the Summer holidays. Perhaps you could create your own circuit or play some cone games. Have fun and stay safe! Mrs. Abbiss x

Summer Holiday Sport

Sports Day Challenge


Workout Wednesday is here again! This week we’d like you to have a go at your very own Sports Day! Maybe you could visit your local park and take park in socially distanced running races like we did. Perhaps you could make your own obstacle course and take part in an egg and spoon race. We didn’t use eggs but we used a spoon and a bean bag! Be creative with the equipment you have. Then maybe you can tell your teacher all about it next week! Have fun!

Thank you to KS2 children for making this video and showing us their super athletic talents. Mrs. Donaghue x

Year 6 Virtual Challenge

Hi All, It’s Workout Wednesday again and this time Year 6 children really enjoyed participating in a virtual challenge. Who do you think achieved the highest score? Mrs. Abbiss

Hula Hoop

Hi Kids, It’s Workout Wednesday again and this time we’ve created a hula hoop workout. Why not try Hula Hooping for 10 minutes? It’s great exercise and you can learn some fun skills too! Challenge – how many times can you complete each of the Hula Hoop activities in 10 seconds?

Can you spot which teachers joined in for Workout Wednesday?

Stay active!
From Year 5, Mrs Donaghue, Mrs Share and the stars of the show Miss Harris and Miss Moren!

Hula Hoop

Stretch and Relax

Hi there,

It’s Workout Wednesday once again! This week, Mrs. Abbiss and the children from Year 6 have created a yoga-inspired video – Stretch and Relax! Enjoy, Mrs. Parkes

Football Fitness

Hi there,

It’s Workout Wednesday once again! Here’s our football fitness video. Try and do these exercises 10 times each and then repeat the routine 3 times. Guaranteed to get you football fit!  Complete the workout with or without a ball.

1. Russian twists
2. Shuttle taps 2m apart
3. Squat jumps
4. Toe taps
5. Burpees
6. Speed ladder (quick feet in and out)

Thanks for watching!

Mrs Donaghue, Mrs Share & the stars of the show Year 6!

I miss my friends!

Hi there,

Its’s Workout Wednesday once again! This week we are so pleased to welcome back some of our Year 6 children – we have missed them so much! They have had great fun at school meeting their friends and teachers once again – they even found time to help Mrs. Abbiss with this week’s workout challenge – ‘I miss my friends!’


Hi there,

Its’s Workout Wednesday once again! This week Mrs. Abbiss and Mrs. Donaghue have created an amazing ‘Boxercise’ video for you to try. Can you rise to the challenge?
Boxercise – Mrs. Abbiss and Mrs. Donaghue

Ball Skills

Hi Kids,
Mrs. Abbiss and I have been working at school together today so we thought we’d deliver you a workout for you to try with a ball at home or in the park with the people in your house, or just by yourself. Don’t worry we both stayed two metres apart but we still managed to have some fun!

15 repetitions of the following exercises to be completed twice.
1. Squat, throw and catch
2. Toe taps
3. Sit ups
4. Jumping Jack squats
5. Plank ball roll
6. In and out sit ups

Could you create your own ball skills to try? Ask your parents to video you and we’d love to see your skills once we are back at school.

We missed being on the field with you all!
Mrs. Donaghue and Mrs. Abbiss

P.S How cheeky of Mrs. Abbiss to kick the ball away and can you guess who my ball hit? 🙈 Oops naughty teachers!

Workout Wednesday – Mrs. Abbiss and Mrs. Donaghue

Alphabet Challenges

Why don’t you try our Workout Wednesday game – Alphabet Challenges. Challenge 1 – Complete exercises for each letter of your full name. Challenge 2 – If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, have a go at exercises for the whole alphabet. Time yourself and let me know your time. Good luck! Mrs. Abbiss.

Mrs. Abbiss’ Workout Challenge
Garden workout – Mrs. Donaghue
Mrs. Abbiss’ 20 Minute Burn!
Time to Dance!