There are two classes in each year group at Wren’s Nest apart from the Nursery children who attend part time in either the morning or afternoon session.

For a full list of our staff, please view our Staff Gallery

Classes 2023-2024 Teaching Staff Teaching Staff
Time for Twos Mrs R Wood Mrs H Smith 
Pre-School and Nursery Mrs G Lavender Mrs A Stevens
Reception Mrs H Martin Mrs R Greybanks
Year 1 Mrs E Vivash Miss F Dumper
Year 2 Miss J Sands Mrs R Gallis
Year 3 Miss J Ridley Mr S Baglin
Year 4 Mr S Sharratt Mrs D Carter
Miss M Wyer
Year 5 Miss R Dunn Miss H Dolman
Mrs M Reed
Year 6 Mrs L Flavell
Mr S Butler
Miss L Whitehouse
Mrs S Abbiss
Groups 2023-2024 Group Teaching Staff
KS1 Nurture Rainbow Mrs N Blewitt
(Nurture Group Leader)
Sunflowers Years 1 and 2 Mrs H Bevilaqua
Pumas Years 5 and 6 Mrs M Buddan
Shooting Stars KS2 Mrs G Donaghue
The Pod KS2 Miss A Harris
Mrs M Wallace
Groups and Senior Leadership Team: Groups/SLT Miss A Harris – Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Snape – Assistant Headteacher
Groups/SLT Mrs S Abbiss (SLT), Mrs E Vivash (SLT)
  Groups/SLT Miss M Wyer (SLT), Mrs G Donaghue (SLT)
Groups/SLT Mr S Butler(SLT), Mrs H Smith (SLT)
Groups/SLT Mrs R Wood (SLT)