Year 1 – 2021 Maths

Mrs Edwards

Addition – Lesson 1
Subtraction – Lesson 2
Addition – Lesson 2
Subtraction – Lesson 3
Addition – Lesson 3
Subtraction – Lesson 4
Subtraction – Lesson 1
Comparing Statements
Comparing Statements – Lesson 2
Place Value: Counting Backwards
Place Value: Ordering
Place Value: Numbers to 20
Place Value: Counting
Place Value: One More
Place Value: Ordinal Numbers
Place Value: 11 to 20
Place Value: Representing
Place Value: One Less
Place Value: Number Lines
Place Value: Tens and Ones
Place Value: Counting Forwards
Place Value: One-to-one correspondence
Place Value: Ordering Numbers
Place Value: One More / One Less
Place Value: Comparing Groups
Place Value: Comparing Numbers

Miss Sands

Subtraction by finding the difference
Recognise and Name 2D Shapes
Subtraction: Comparing umber sentences
Sort 2D Shapes
Recognise and Name 3D Shapes
Making Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes
Sort 3D Shapes
Place Value: Numbers to 20
Writing Numbers to 20 in Words
Compare Numbers
Adding ones with Number Bonds
Add and Subtract – Not crossing 10
Subtracting: Counting Back- 4
Place Value: Tens and Ones
Order Groups of Objects
Adding ones with Number Bonds: 2
Subtracting: Counting Back
Add and Subtract – Related Facts
Place Value: 1 More, 1 Less
Order Numbers
Finding Number Bonds
Subtracting: Counting Back -2
Compare groups of objects
Add by Counting On
Add by Making 10
Subtracting: Counting Back- 3