Learning Together – English

Pupils’ Voice

How do the teachers help you to learn?

“They talk to us and help us understand before we write.” – Year 5 child

“The teachers are supportive and explain everything. They model examples with us to help us make our own work the best it can be.” – Year 6 child

How do you know what you need to improve?

“The teacher usually reads it and helps me. I use a purple pen if my teacher helps me or pink if I do it on my own or with a partner.” – Year 3 child

“Reading my work again when I’ve finished helps me to learn more. My teacher helps me and we use a purple pen to show it.” – Year 4 child

Why is it important to be able to read and write?

“I think it’s important because we need to do it for life when we work and need to write and fill in forms. You have to read them too.” – Year 5 child