Reception – Home Learning


Makaton – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Makaton – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How the Elephant got his Trunk
The Detective Dog
Guess How Much I Love You
The Yeti Who Came to Stay
Chimp and Zee
A Squash and a Squeeze
Handa’s Hen
I’m Worried
Frog on a Log
The Runaway Tractor
I Am Enough
Hug Me
Simon Sock


Read Write Inc Phonics Page
Miss Elsby – “m”
Mrs Greybanks – “i”
Miss Skitt – “n”
Miss Elsby – “k”
Miss Skitt – “u”
Miss Elsby – “b”
Mrs Greybanks – “d”
Mrs Ball – “s”
Miss Elsby – “p”
Miss Elsby – “o”
Miss Skitt – “c”
Mrs Greybanks – Fred Talk Around the Home
Miss Skitt – “a”
Miss Elsby – “t”
Mrs Ball – Fed Game 1
Miss Skitt – “g”
Mrs Ball – Fred Game 2
Mrs Ball – Fred Games 3


Miss Elsby- Sorting
Mrs Ball – Numbers to 5
Miss Skitt – Number 2
Miss Skitt – Number 5
Miss Elsby – Number bonds to 5 (lesson 2)
Mrs Greybanks – Counting to 20
Miss Elsby – One More
Miss Skitt – Number 3
Miss Elsby – Number Bonds to 5
Miss Skitt – Number Formation Lesson 2
Miss Skitt – Number 1
Miss Skitt – Number 4
Mrs Greybanks – One Less Than


Autumn Walk


Making Christmas Decorations with Salt Dough
Foil Leaf Printing
Making a Ball Run
Making Musical Instruments
Christmas Lollipops
Salt Snowflakes
Making a Post Box
Snowflake Crafts
Paper Bird Crafts