Nursery – 2021 Home Learning

Here you will find all of the home learning for Nursery and Pre-School during the closure in January 2021

Year group weekly quizzes


CBeebies Bedtime Stories

The Girl who went to the Arctic
Rhyming Story – Oi Frog
Rhyming Story – Fox’s socks
Makaton – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
The Smartest Giant in Town
Kipper’s Snowy Day
10 in the Bed
Just One of those Days
The Magical Snow Garden
You Can Do it Sam
Wow! said the Owl
The Snow Rabbit
Rhyming Story – Shark in the Park
Mr Men Shapes
Arctic Animals
Big Bear Little Brother
Winnie in Winter
The Snow Womble
You and Me Always
Harry and the Snow King
The Emperor’s Egg
Polar White
Penguin Small
The Snow Bear
Whose Baby am I?
The Not-so-Perfect Penguin
Mr Wolf’s Pancakes
The Scarecrow’s Wedding
Little Penguin Dives In
Penguins Can’t Fly!
The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud
My Grandma is a Star
On the Farm


Number Raps

2D Shape: Super Numtums game

Exploring the Number 1
Exploring the Number 5
5 Speckled Frogs
Exploring the Number 2
5 Little Monkeys
5 Currant Buns
Exploring the Number 3
5 Enormous Dinosaurs
10 Little Penguins
Exploring the Number 4
5 Little Ducks
Snowflake Counting Song
Big and Small
More and Fewer
Counting 7
Introducing Number 10
Missing Numbers
One More Dinosaur
Long and Short
Making and Writing 6
Introducing Number 8
Exploring 10
Number Lines and Number Ladders
One More than Monkey
Tall and Short
Exploring 6
Exploring 8
Ordering Numerals 1-10
Exploring 9
Make 2 Sets the Same
Ordering Numerals to 5
Number 7
Introducing Number 9
Positional Language
One Potato, Two Potato
2 Sets the Same with Ted
5 Pairs of Knickers

1 Less

10 Wobbly Teeth


Rhyme Hunt
Rhyming Pairs
Rhyming Words: Silly Soup
Rhyming Story: Rhyme Crime
Rhyming Story: Oi Dog!
Picture Cards 1
Rhyming Words: Odd One Out
Sorting Sounds “s” and “t”
Picture Cards 2
Sorting Sounds “n” and “c”
Sorting Sounds “g” and “s”
Sorting Sounds “j” and “n”
Sorting Sounds “f” and “b”
Picture Cards 4
Picture Cards 6
Sorting Sounds “p” and “r”
Picture Cards 3
Sorting Sounds “l” and “p”
Picture Cards 7
Sorting Sounds “r” and “j”
Sorting Sounds “m” and “d”
Picture Cards 5
Picture Cards 8
Picture Cards 9
Rhyming Bingo
Fred Talk 2
Mark Making in Foam
Sorting Sounds “s”, “n” and “p”
I Spy with Fred Frog
Introducing Fred Frog
Fred Frog’s Silly Soup
Fred Talk 1
I Spy with Fred Frog 2


Fun at Home

Makaton – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
The Wheels on the Bus
I can Sing a Rainbow
Down in the Jungle
You’ve Got a Friend in Me


Whole School Science Activities

Whole School Art and DT Activities

Whole School PE Activities

cBeebies Jigsaws

Making a Pizza
Paper Bird Crafts
Get Moving
Fairy Cakes
Makaton – Animals
Indoor Hunt Challenge
Makaton – Colours
Bird Feeder
Making a Snow Globe
Making a Penguin
Handprint Penguin
Milk Bottle Igloo
Making Gloop
Making a Nail Painting Board
Lollipop Stick Snowflake
Finger Gym: Threading Pasta
Making a Polar Bear
Winter Puffy Paint
Painting a Snowy Owl
Painting a Polar Bear
Wax Resist Picture
Making Bread Pudding
Finger Gym: Playing with Pegs
Decorating Lion Pancakes
Making Snow Dough
Winter Memory Game
Ice Painting
Paper Plate Igloo
3D Snowman
Windy Day Snowmen Game
Making a Love Bug
Making Hot Chocolate
Handprint Arctic Fox
Ice Hanging Decoration
Making an Inuit
Easy to Make Play Dough
Making a Penguin Collage
Dough Disco


Wellbeing Wednesday: Quiet Space
Wellbeing Wednesday: Snowman
My Strong Mind – read by Mrs Parkes
The Worrysaurus – read by Mrs Wood
Wellbeing Wednesday: Rainbow
My Strong Mind III – read by Mrs Parkes
My Strong Mind II – read by Mrs Parkes
Wellbeing Wednesday: Snow Queen